CINC at the centre of perfect processes

CINC mission

The CINC technology is a unique tool to separate or to mix and separate two immiscible liquids. This capability allows us to convert your processes from batch to continuous operation and to reduce the product volume in the process.

Piloting of your processes

Our ability to pilot your process with our lab. scale units, enables us to present the CINC capability in a small scale. This generates confidence into the technology for you and delivers us the required data to scale up to full process scale.

Consulting and realisation

CINC acquires your process data, pilots and optimises your application at your facility and delivers the process scale equipment. Use our know how to optimise your processes. We aim to reduce your costs and to increase your yield.

Your inquiry

Ideally we could generate your interest into the CINC technology, please contact us for individual consulting and piloting of your processes. We are looking forward to implement the CINC technology into your processes.