Concept and piloting

Piloting of your process / application

We pilot your application at your facility with our lab-scale centrifuges and centrifugal extractors. Our long experience together with our flexible technology enables us to optimise your liquid – liquid separation and extraction applications.

The gained chemical and physical parameters are used to scale the equipment up to the required full process size.

Our patented technology can be used for pure separation, or extraction and washing reactions.

The CINC centrifuges and centrifugal extractors are ATEX conform and available in different materials, as well for high corrosive acids like HCl.
Our rental fleet includes full process size centrifuges / centrifugal extractors.

3 – stage counter current extraction in Plexiglas for presentations

2 – stage counter current extraction stainless steel lab-scale.

3 – stage counter current extraction R&D in an University

Special unit for high viscosities and high temperatures

Service and project run down

Unser Leistungsspektrum reicht von der Erfassung Ihrer Prozessdaten über die Pilotierung mit unseren Versuchsmaschinen in Ihrem Hause, bis hin zur Planung und Installation der fertigen Produktionsanlagen.

  1. Acquiring of your application with our questionnaire.
  2. Proposal for piloting of your application at your facility with our lab. scale centrifuges and centrifugal extractors.
  3. Piloting of application at your facility with our lab. scale centrifuges and centrifugal extractors, the gained data will be used for the scale up.
  4. Scale up to full process size.
  5. Proposal for the process equipment.
  6. Delivery and start-up of the process equipment 5 – 6 month after the order.


Solutions for Research and Development

  • Laboratory scale pilot equipment
  • Single stage extraction
  • Counter current extraction
  • Cross current extraction
  • Reactive extraction
  • Separation
  • Washing reactions

Solutions for Biotechnology

  • API extraction (Penicillin / Hormone / Vitamins)
  • Washing reactions
  • Phase separation

Solutions in the chemical Industry

  • Organic Peroxides
  • Phase separation
  • Cleaning of Process liquids
  • Washing reactions

Solutions for the Mineral oil Industry

  • Oil – Water Separation
  • Synthetic Oils
  • Washing reactions (desalination)

Solutions for Biodiesel

  • Separation Glycerine / Ester
  • Washing reactions to remove Soaps /Glycerine / Methanol

Solutions for Metal extraction

  • Caesium Extraction
  • Rare earth Extraction