CINC Technology

Separation DF (direct feed)

Direct feed minimises the sheer forces to the mixed fluid stream to enable an efficient separation.

The mixed fluid will be fed via the bottom inlet direct into the separation area inside the rotor.

Separation occurs continuously. This operation mode is ideal for liquids which tend to create emulsions.

Extraction / washing:

The mixing will be performed in the annular mixing zone between the spinning rotor and the housing wall.

Equilibrium will be reached after seconds. Special inserts optimise the mass transfer coefficient.

For reactive extraction the mixing time can customised.

Inside the rotor separation occurs continuously.

Multi stage:

  • First, start the flow to the ph Adjusting stage.
  • Now, start the extraction/wash fluid. The more efficient method is counter-current, we will start the flow to the second stage first.
  • Now the ph adjusting fluid and extraction/wash fluids are flowing we are ready to start flowing the process fluids to the decant stage.
  • The green product ist now passed onto the first stage of extraction/wash and the blue waste fluid can be sent to waste recovery.
  • The green product has now been through the first stage of extraction/wash where some of the impurities are removed and carried away in the dark grey colored fluid to waste recovery.
  • Now that the extraction/wash phase of the process has been completed the yellow product, which has the impurities removed, needs to have the ph adjusted.

Each centrifuge represents one theoretical stage, processes requiring a multi stage.

Counter current or cross current extraction are established with a series of centrifugal extractors.

Clean in place CIP / Steam in place SIP:

An integrated CIP / SIP system is installed to cleaning the centrifuge without taking the machine apart.

Product overview

 Flow rateL x B x HMass
V02 / CS 500,01-1 l/min30x30x60 cm30 kg
V10 / CS 2501,0-80 l/min70x70x170 cm400 kg
CS 3301,0-160 l/min105x105x214 cm900 kg
V161,0 - 300 l/min112x112x230 cm1400 kg
V20 / CS 5001,0 - 750 l/min120x120x260 cm2000 kg

Materials of construction:
Stainless steel 1.4571/316Ti
Hastelloy C22
Seals: Teflon / FEP encapsulated / Kalrez