vorteile2Advantages of the CINC technology

Applications which are presently running in mixer- settler, steered or pulsed columns can be optimised with the CINC technology. Our combined high sheer mixing and high g separation enable us to reduce product volume in the process, reduced space and reduced solvent required.
In many applications the CINC technology reaches a higher efficiency than other separation and extraction technologies. The special ability to intensive mix and to sharp separate in one unit makes the technology an ideal tool for liquid – liquid separation and extraction applications.
The main advantages are:

  • Time saving due to combined mixing and separation in a continuous process
  • Lab scale results can easily be scaled up to full process scale.
    Small footprint even for complex counter current or cross current applications.
  • Immediate equilibrium due to intensive mixing small volumes mixed.
    Very efficient use of water or organic solvents in washing or extraction applications.
  • High productivity because mixing and separation occur simultaneously.
  • High energy savings on heated or cooled operations, due to small volumes.
  • Easy process control results in a high and continuous product quality.
    Reduced risk due to reduced volumes in the process.
  • CIP (clean in place).
  • SIP (sterilise in place).
  • Small holdup volume.
  • Extraction direct out of the fermentation broth if DCM or Chloroform are the solvents.
  • Different size centrifuges to enable an economic solution from 0 – 30000 l/h;
  • ATEX conform.


1. Multifunctional lab scale centrifuge with double wall housing for heating and cooling operations. This unit offers the following characteristics.

  1. Continuous mixing / extraction / separation in one process step
  2. Acceleration 0 – 1000 g;     Revolution 0 – 6000 U/min;
  3. Flow rate variable from 0 – 1000 ml/min;
  4. L x B x H 35 x 35 x 64 cm; Mass 37 kg;
  5. Ex. Proof according to ATEX;
  6. Seals Teflon; FDA conform;
  7. Customized connections
  8. Sterilize in place
  9. Gravity feed or feed via positive displacement pump.
  10. cGMP conform surfaces 0,8 µm for FDA applications;
  11. Material stainless steel 316 L or corrosion resistant materials like Hastelloy C 22
  12. Easy to operate, to clean, to take apart, to maintain and to understand
  13. ++ Temperature -30 to 130 C;
  14. ++ Mixing intensity variable due to adaptable mixing gap.
  15. ++ Double wall housing for heating and cooling.
  16. ++ Small Rotor volume variable 85 / 140 ml.
  17. ++ Special units for 20 bar 200 °C.

2. Customised mixing intensity
The intensive mixing occurs between the rotating rotor and the static housing. The gap 1,5 – 6 mm) between the housing and the rotor can be adjusted with metal cylinders to intensify the mixing on small flow rates.

3. Rotor volume reduction from 140 to 85 ml
Big volumes are often a problem during the development of new products. To enable our customers to operate our technology with small volumes we developed a holdup reduction.

4. Customised mixing time
Some applications (metal extraction, reactive extraction) require an extended mixing time to ensure an excellent extraction even on mass transfer reduced systems.
We developed a retrofit able device which can be flanged on the bottom of the centrifuge in order to increase the mixing time in a bigger mixing volume.
Applications that run in mixer settler, extraction columns or batch processes can be optimised with the CINC technology.

Don’t miss the chance to test the CINC technology on your applications.