About us

Since more than 30 years CINC builds and installs centrifuges and centrifugal extractors for continuous liquid – liquid separation and extraction processes.

First class companies use the CINC tubular centrifuges and centrifugal extractors to optimize their liquid – liquid operations.

Whenever it is required to make existing liquid – liquid operations more efficient and more economical it is worth to test the CINC technology. Due to the continuous counter current operation we can reduce your solvent volume required. The lab. scale centrifuges and centrifugal extractors are available on a rental basis to pilot your processes at your facility. The gained data will be used to calculate the full process installations up to 30000 l/h. Our experience and our ability to test your processes beforehand makes us a reliable partner for you.

More than 15 years of experience in complex applications like counter current or cross current extractions enable us to generate quick results during the pilot trials. CINC is an innovative company, together with our customers we optimize worldwide continuous liquid – liquid separation and extraction applications.

Due to the fact that CINC centrifuges and centrifugal extractors have a straight forward design with only one rotating part and due to the fact that we reach excellent results we substitute disc stack centrifuges, mixer – settler systems and extraction columns.

You will find CINC centrifuges and CINC centrifugal extractors at the centre of perfect processes. CINC is specialised in the continuous mixing and separation of liquids.