What levels of heat can the unit operate to?
Up to 220 degrees Celsius, which is above the limit of the standard seals and bearings. Heat resistant seals and bearings would need to be installed as an option.

Can a heat jacket be provided?
The CINC centrifuge is a liquid/liquid separator however it is tolerant to solids present in the liquids. All models except the CS 50 are available with take apart rotors and integral cleaning systems to allow easy cleaning of solids without dismantling

What happens if the ratio of the two immiscible liquids in the feed may change?
The centrifuge is tolerant to 100% ratio swings. This is particularly relevant when the unit is fed from a tank were settlement is occurring.

Pressure; What are the pressure levels parameters?
The centrifuge is not a pressure vessel, and discharges under gravity. Pressure is released from the discharge outlets to atmosphere or to the header system.
Feed pressure is gravity or 1-3 bar, however the unit can be fitted with re-enforced bottom plates and more resistant seals if more pressure is required. Higher Pressure levels up to 40 bar can be delivered.

What Quality and H&S directives are the units built to?
All CINC centrifues are built to ISO 9001 Quality standards. They meet CE, Machinery directive, and approved ATEX directive;

What materials and internal finishes are available?
1.4571 stainless steel is the standard unit with optional hastelloy C22 alloys. Internal polishing is available if required.

What materials are used for the seals and “O” rings?
Usually teflon or teflon encapsulated silicon. FDA approved seals are available.